There’s Never Been a Better Time to Sell Your Mineral Rights

Wing Resources is a Permian Basin focused mineral and royalty acquisition company. Wing’s assets cover more than 200,000 gross acres and over 4,000 wells throughout the Midland Basin and Delaware Basin of West Texas and New Mexico.

Wing’s long-term investment strategy allows it to offer large lump-sum payments up front. Wing is different from most traditional brokers, which lack both the capital resources and investment horizon to be able to offer mineral owners a fair deal for their assets. Wing is funded by Natural Gas Partners, a leading private equity firm that has set the global standard for energy-focused private investment. Through its unique combination of committed institutional financing and deep industry knowledge, Wing has the capability to offer sellers the best possible deal.

In order for mineral owners to realize full value for their assets, operators must develop the land (not always a sure bet) and pay royalties for years to replicate the payments Wing routinely makes up front. Wing can make you an offer for your minerals today that could take decades for you to replicate by holding on to the assets.

Capital gains tax rates are historically low, making this the ideal time to sell your mineral rights. We’re confident that we can make divesting your minerals a very attractive proposition and are committed to working with you to close on a potential transaction as quickly as possible.

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